Self-Ligating Braces: The Modern Way Towards a More Confident Smile

In-Ovation System - Your Choice For A Beautiful Smile!

Braces have been around for decades and have changed the way society views a perfect smile, but having braces is not an experience people typically enjoy. Sometimes, people who could truly benefit from braces delay or omit the treatment altogether due to fear of painful procedures and restrictions on daily life.

Now you can look your best and feel confident about your smile during your orthodontic treatment, as well as after. That’s because we use self-ligating braces, a new and technologically advanced system that can give you the radiant smile you have always wanted more quickly than traditional braces and without the need for uncomfortable ties or elastics. Best of all, there’s never a need to have your braces tightened!

Using light, gentle forces, self-ligating braces makes the path to a beautiful smile faster and more comfortable than you ever thought possible! self-ligating braces do not just straighten teeth; its unique technology allows your doctor to gently achieve the precise results needed for optimum facial proportion and aesthetics. After self-ligating braces, patients are proud of their progress, finding every opportunity to show off their new smiles.

What makes self-ligating braces unique?

Self-ligating braces are changing the way people all over the world view smile readjustment. If you have had braces before or know someone who has, you probably remember scheduling trips to the orthodontist to have braces adjusted. These adjustments can leave your teeth and mouth sore for a few days as the teeth experience pressure and friction. But, self-ligating braces are changing the way people view braces by providing a more comfortable and less time-consuming experience.

self-ligating braces utilize a unique clip that engages the wire in the braces. This creates a free-sliding effect which reduces friction to allow teeth to move freely. As a result, you have less discomfort and faster treatment than with traditional braces. 

With the self-ligating braces, teeth are free to move more quickly, easily, and comfortably without having to make several painful trips to your orthodontist for professional readjustments.

self-ligating braces are also much more comfortable than traditional braces because elastics and ties used in older braces put pressure and friction on teeth, which slows treatment and causes discomfort.

Self-ligating braces


Self-ligating braces finishes equivalent cases approximately four months sooner than traditional brackets with ties.


Self-ligating braces averages 40% fewer appointments than traditional brackets.

Attractive Advantages of self-ligating braces

Of course, the benefits of achieving the perfect smile can increase confidence and oral health in many ways. Self-ligating braces offer several additional advantages over traditional braces.

Some of these major advantages are as follows:

  • Faster results
  • Shorter appointments
  • Fewer office visits
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved facial proportion and appearance
In-Ovation System - Your Choice For A Beautiful Smile

Faster Treatment Time​

Self-ligating braces utilizes light forces to allow teeth to move freely and quickly. You can achieve amazing results faster — often, depending on your treatment needs, months sooner than with other braces. In fact, you may be able to complete treatment in as few as 24 weeks. Self-ligating braces finishes equivalent cases approximately four months sooner than traditional brackets with ties.

Shorter, Less-frequent Visits

With self-ligating braces’s efficient system, fewer appointments are required to complete treatment, meaning that you do not have to worry about your braces constantly changing your plans or taking away valuable time from your schedule. Additionally, the system also reduces the need for time-consuming tightening procedures of changing elastics, which means your appointments can be shorter and less involved.

Greater Comfort​

The self-ligating system places light pressure on the teeth, leading to gentler movements. The small, smooth, and low-profile bracket design is comfortable, easy to keep clean, and resistant to staining. In addition, the placement process required for self-ligating braces is quick and painless, especially compared to traditional braces.

Improved Facial Appearance

Along with having a straighter, more attractive smile, patients may also notice a change in their jaw shape depending on the severity of their bite issue. Sometimes, repositioning the teeth can allow for a smoother, more natural facial appearance. In the most severe cases, braces may give you the look of having a stronger, fuller jawline and less sunken cheeks.

Disadvantages of self-ligating braces

Although the benefits of self-ligating braces outweigh the disadvantages, patients should still consider what some disadvantages of self-ligating braces may be before making the big decision.

Visibility ​

While today’s patients often favor less-prominent orthodontic treatments, self-ligating braces are not invisible. These braces are made of metal, and the wires and brackets can still be visible. If you’re searching for an invisible orthodontic appliance, ask our staff about Invisalign aligners.


Just as an advanced gaming computer costs more than a basic laptop, self-ligating braces typically cost more than traditional braces. The technology behind them is more advanced, and thus, they are more involved to make. Fortunately, the cost difference is manageable for most patients.


Rarely, the metal that holds the brackets in place begins to wear down. If this occurs, they may begin to cause issues for the patient. An orthodontist can repair the braces to ensure their effectiveness.

Patient Testimonials

In-Ovation System - Your Choice For A Beautiful Smile

If you are still unsure whether self-ligating braces are the right choice for you, check out what former patients at Robison Orthodontics have to say about their experiences with self-ligating braces.

 "I thought I would be self-conscious about my braces, but after a while, I didn't even realize they were on. They are just so comfortable."

"The day I got my braces was the best day of my life. I wasn't worried about my senior pictures or going to the prom because my teeth were straight."

“Since I’ve had my braces on, I feel better about myself because my teeth are much straighter than they were a year ago. Even though I still have my braces on, I still feel pretty and self-confident.”

"My trips to the orthodontist for my daughter are not inconvenient at all; we usually make them early in the morning, and they are just about 20 minutes for a checkup, so it's been very convenient."

Self-ligating braces FAQS

If you are wondering just what it’s like to become a self-ligating braces patient, check out these frequently asked questions.

Adults often feel that getting braces is a process best suited for teenagers. While it’s true that many people do use braces in their teenage years, adults should not let this stereotype affect their oral health. In fact, choosing not to get braces can affect your overall health because improperly aligned teeth cause more than just appearance insecurity. 

People who have misaligned teeth typically cannot fully clean or brush their teeth, hastening tooth decay. In addition, misaligned teeth can put a lot of pressure on your entire jaw structure, which, over time, can affect your supporting bone structure. Since a lifetime of misaligned teeth can cause tooth decay, gum disease, or even loss of teeth, further diminishing your appearance, adults can truly benefit from preventing these issues with self-ligating braces.

If you have known anyone with traditional braces, you have probably heard them complain about how uncomfortable they can be. Traditional braces must be professionally adjusted by your orthodontist as they continue to shift your teeth. However, self-ligating braces offers an innovative technology that practically adjusts itself, gently gliding teeth into a new position. Further, the lack of metal ties or elastic means that self-ligating braces cause less irritation on your gums.

If you are worried about the time commitment that typical braces require, then considering self-ligating braces may be a great option for you. Self-ligating braces are among the quickest solutions for realigning your teeth.

In order to protect your braces and keep your teeth clean and safe, there are some foods you may want to avoid while wearing self-ligating braces. Fortunately, there are still many foods you can enjoy without hesitation. 

What you should avoid:

  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Corn on the cob (you can eat corn if you remove the kernels first)
  • All types of sticky candy like taffy and caramels
  • Hard candies
  • Hard apples (it is better to cut an apple into slices)

The key is to avoid getting food stuck in your braces because it can often be difficult to remove it once there. If food does get stuck in your braces, it can damage your braces and cause tooth decay. 

It’s important to wear a retainer after any braces treatment is complete. A retainer functions to keep your teeth in their new and proper positions after your braces are removed. Without a retainer, you risk your teeth shifting back into their original positions and losing the progress you’ve made with your self-ligating braces.

As with any braces, the cost of self-ligating braces will depend on the severity of your bite issue and the length of your treatment. Your orthodontist can discuss the expected costs with you, and you may be able to request insurance payments for some of your treatments. Fortunately, more insurance plans than ever before cover self-ligating braces.

Yes, like self-ligating braces, In-Ovation uses a sliding mechanism to straighten teeth versus a traditional band.

Yes, In-Ovation allows teeth to move freely, thus reducing patient discomfort and wear time.

Yes, In-Ovation braces are smaller and less cumbersome than traditional braces.

Advance Your Smile with Self-ligating Braces

The many benefits of self-ligating braces are available to people of all ages, all with a simple consultation with Robison Orthodontics. If you are looking to change the way you smile, boost your confidence, improve your bite, and increase your oral health, then you may want to consider self-ligating braces. 

Our expert staff can examine your bite and discuss which self-ligating braces option would be best to fix your smile or answer any additional questions you may have. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment at our Gilbert, Arizona orthodontics office.

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