Giving Back: How Robison Orthodontics Supports the Local Community

At Robison Orthodontics, our dedication to giving back runs deep in the very fabric of who we are. As both Dr. Tyler & Dr. Blake were raised here and are now raising their own families in the communities we proudly serve, our bond with our neighbors goes beyond orthodontic care—it’s a shared journey of growth and support.

Smile Back Foundation​

Smile Back Foundation

Robison Orthodontics is a major participant and provider for the Smile Back Foundation. This organization teams with other professionals and doctors in the East Valley to locate underprivileged and deserving students for whom orthodontic treatment and dental care could be life changing. Dr. Tyler & Dr. Blake have provided several treatments in the past, and are excited to continue to participate in the future.

Supporting Schools

Supporting Mesa Public Schools, Gilbert Public Schools, Higley Public Schools, and charter schools in the East Valley is a priority for Robison Orthodontics. Many of our office contests involve raising funds for schools. We also participate in oral health education presentations at various elementary schools, and are proud to sponsor many school activities.

Candy Buy Back

We Support our Troops

Being an Army Reserve member himself, Dr. Tyler loves our armed service members and looks for opportunities to support them. One way we do this is with our Candy Buy Back event, which we do every Halloween. We buy back cavity-causing candy from our patients’ families and send the treats to the troops to let them know we care. We hope they brush after they eat the treats!

Arizona Halloween Candy Buy back

The Robison Orthodontics Candy Buy Back program is our way of promoting dental health in the local community and giving children a way to earn some easy cash, while giving back to our troops and earning money for their local schools.