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Robison Orthodontics Beach Bucks

Here at Robison Orthodontics, we love our Beach Bucks. Not only do they help ensure our patients improve their oral health, consider their oral hygiene, and take care of their orthodontic appliances, but patients like you can get great rewards at the same time. In fact, when you take good care of your orthodontic health, you’ll see benefits for your teeth and your life.

In addition to an improved smile, you’ll earn fun prizes like Robison Orthodontics shirts and swag, movie passes, and gift cards to your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. That’s why working to earn Beach Bucks is really a win-win for you and your smile.

Of course, at Robison Orthodontics, the health of your smile is our top priority. That’s why we’re so proud to help our community achieve bright and healthy smiles with our exceptional orthodontic care. We love giving you Beach Bucks for a job well done, and we want you to feel that every part of your orthodontic care is rewarding and fun.

Beach Bucks rewards are built to help our patients take responsibility for their oral health, learn to improve their flossing and brushing habits, follow up on dental care and hygiene, and take care of orthodontic appliances.

Beach Bucks

So, What Are Beach Bucks?

Beach Bucks are an incredibly fun way for you to win prizes and rewards at the Robison Orthodontics office. By completing steps like being on time for your appointments, keeping regular appointments, and completing your oral hygiene routine, you can earn Beach Bucks, our own in-office currency, which can then be spent at our Beach Buck counter in exchange for a number of items. 

This way, not only do you learn to care for your orthodontic health, but you also get amazing rewards in return, including movie tickets, lunch boxes, water bottles, and more. We also have gift cards to a number of area shops and restaurants our patients love, including Target and In-N-Out. As with cash, you can spend your Beach Bucks as you earn them or hold onto them and save up for a bigger reward.


What Can You Use Beach Bucks to Purchase?

While Beach Bucks can be spent like cash, they can only be used in our office in exchange for rewards and prizes. These prizes may change periodically, but you’ll always find a great selection here in the office, including Robison Orthodontic swag, like stylish t-shirts, various styles of water bottles, and lunch bags. 

We also have movie tickets and Visa gift cards in amounts ranging from $25 to $100, meaning you can shop at any of your favorite retailers. Other gift cards may include cards for Starbucks, Target, In-N-Out, Chick-Fil-A, and more.


Beach Bucks

Beach Bucks Rules

Here are the rules for earning and spending Beach Bucks at Robison Orthodontics:

  1. You can earn Beach Bucks at regularly scheduled appointments. Appointments made for appliance repair or comfort visits are not considered regularly scheduled appointments.
  2. How many Beach Bucks you earn in your appointment is up to you. Follow our guidelines to see which of the earning criteria you can meet.
  3. Beach Bucks are your responsibility to hold on to and keep track of. Just like real money, if you lose your Beach Bucks, they won’t be replaced.
  4. When you spend your Beach Bucks to earn a prize, you’ll need to earn more Beach Bucks to receive more rewards.
Beach Bucks Guidelines

How Do You Earn Beach Bucks?

Earning Beach Bucks is fun and easy. Here are some steps you can take to get yourself the best smile and amazing prizes.

There are several ways you can earn Beach Bucks and begin racking up the bucks necessary to earn the best rewards. Since we are primarily invested in your oral health, the most important – and most rewarding – thing you can do is ensure you maintain good oral hygiene and take care of your orthodontic appliances. However, there are some other ways you can earn rewards.

Our patients can earn up to eight Beach Bucks at every visit. Reaching your full earning potential each visit lets us know you’re taking your oral health seriously.

At regularly scheduled Robison Orthodontics appointments, you can earn Beach Bucks by:

  • Arriving on time for your appointment. This earns you one Beach Buck and enables the Robison Orthodontics team to provide you with care efficiently. It also shows us that you care about improving your oral health.
  • Having no broken or loose equipment at your appointment. This involves caring for your brackets, Invisalign, retainers, and other orthodontic appliances and will earn you one Beach Buck. It will also save you the cost of equipment replacement and continue improving your orthodontic health.
  • Demonstrating great oral hygiene and receiving an “A” score. Don’t forget to floss each day! This earns you one Beach Buck as well as an amazing smile, both now and when you get your braces removed. Poor oral hygiene can cause tooth decay and discoloration once braces are taken off, but if you brush and floss regularly, you’ll have healthy teeth when you’re done with orthodontic treatment.
  • Checking in for your appointment or posting on Facebook or another social media. When you get to your appointment at Robison Orthodontics, you can sign in to let us know you’re here and ready for treatment. It will also tell us if you’re on time for your appointment. This earns you one Beach Buck.
  • Wearing your Robison t-shirt to your appointment. This is a bonus way to double your Beach Bucks. If you’ve completed each step above to take care of your oral hygiene, keep your regular appointment, and show up on time, you can earn four Beach Bucks. If you do all of the above while in your Robison Orthodontics t-shirt, you can double your Beach Bucks and earn up to eight at each visit.

These ways to earn Beach Bucks are available at every regularly-scheduled appointment, simply by following a couple of steps to be on time and take care of your teeth and orthodontic appliances.

Beach Bucks

Additional Ways to Earn Beach Bucks

As an added bonus, we’ve come up with some additional ways to earn Beach Bucks. These steps can be done at any time, meaning you don’t need to complete them at a regularly scheduled appointment.

You can earn bonus Beach Bucks by doing the following:

  • Connecting with us on social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and will earn you two Beach Bucks. You’ll be able to learn more about your orthodontic care and stay in the loop on new updates, promotions, and fun goings-on around the office. For example, in March and April, we run the Big Mouth Promotion, and you can learn more about it and how you can earn rewards by reading the information on our socials.
  • Bringing us documentation from your dentist. Providing proof of a regular dental visit and cleaning earns you 16 Beach Bucks and demonstrates your commitment to oral health. It also allows your dental and orthodontic teams to work together to ensure your treatment is proceeding as planned.
  • Giving us a 5-star review on Google or Yelp. A review will earn you 24 Beach Bucks because it helps us reach more people who need orthodontic care. You could earn three appointments worth of Beach Bucks with one simple review.
  • Refer a friend who gets a consultation. This earns you 24 Beach Bucks and enables us to bring orthodontic care to more people who need it.
  • Referring a friend who begins treatment with Robison Orthodontic. This earns you 250 Beach Bucks, which is more than 30 appointments worth of Beach Bucks. Your friend will be receiving top-notch orthodontic services, and you’ll earn the opportunity to trade your Beach Bucks in for some quality prizes. When you refer a friend who starts treatment, you also have the option to choose a $100 Visa Card to spend at any of your favorite retailers, restaurants, and more.

If you complete one of these requirements, be sure to show our friendly office staff so we can get you your Beach Buck rewards.

Our Annual March-April Big Mouth Promotion

The Big Mouth Promotion is back! For a limited time each year from March-April, you can earn additional Beach Bucks for referrals, as well as additional rewards. For the rest of the year, the standard rate for referrals applies, but during these two months, you can refer a friend or family member for consultation and receive an additional bonus.

You’ll get the following:

  • 50 Beach Bucks or two movie tickets. This reward is given to each person you refer who schedules and attends a consultation with us. This is more than double the number of Beach Bucks a consultation referral will get you the rest of the year.
  • A $200 Visa gift card or account credit per referral.

The person you referred for treatment also gets a reward.

They’ll receive the following:

  • 50 Beach Bucks or two movie tickets.
  • A full treatment valued at $500 or a limited treatment at 10% off.

We continue to sponsor this promotion year after year to show our appreciation for our community by giving back to our existing and future clients. We believe everyone deserves timely, quality orthodontic care, and referring your friends and family is a great way to show how much you value them.

Big Mouth

Earn Beach Bucks and Rewards By Caring For Your Smile

When you care for your oral hygiene, keep your regularly scheduled appointments, and care for your orthodontic appliances, your orthodontic health improves. With Robison Orthodontics Beach Bucks rewards, you can also get some sweet prizes.

Don’t miss out: schedule your next regular appointment with Robison Orthodontics and keep earning your Beach Bucks today.