Smiles are Our Passion!

Imagine your life with a new smile: You’ll be filled with confidence, your self-esteem will blossom, and you’ll enter a room knowing you look incredible! People will respond to your assurance; they’ll feel immediately at ease and see you as a person, not someone with crooked teeth.

Every day at Robison Orthodontics, Dr. Tyler RobisonDr. Blake Robison and our team see our patients transform. We’d love to help you achieve the smile that will change your life, too!

Making Orthodontics Fun

Choosing to have braces is choosing to make a lasting, positive difference in your life. We believe you should enjoy every step of the process!

We’re proud of our office, which is warm, welcoming, and fun to visit. The minute you step through the doors, you’ll be surrounded by laughter and smiles as you’re greeted by our front desk staff. Our inviting reception area always has a movie playing and there are iPads available for patients and their families. Our engaging surfing theme will make you feel like you’re on vacation, not at the doctor’s office. Slushies and soft-serve ice cream are available, too!

While we take orthodontic treatment seriously, that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun! Our doctors and team members are experienced professionals. We’re also friendly, good-humored, and love getting to know our patients. We’ll not only remember your name and recognize your smile, we’ll recall what’s important to you and look forward to hearing about your latest adventures.


Amazing Smiles at Any Age

Did you know orthodontic treatment is available for everyone? While you most often see metal braces on children and teens, we love helping parents, working adults, and grandparents achieve great smiles, too!

Today’s advanced techniques enable our doctors to move an adult’s teeth gently into correct position. This delivers a proper, functional bite and creates a smile that is healthy and beautiful. Best of all, we offer a range of “invisible” treatment options, including clear braces and clear aligners. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted and do it without anyone knowing you’re undergoing treatment!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Your first visit to our Gilbert, AZ orthodontic office will be for a complimentary consultation. The day before your appointment, your doctor will call to introduce himself and welcome you to Robison Orthodontics, to let you know you’re in caring hands.

At your consultation, we’ll ask about your goals and concerns. Following your exam, the doctor will create your unique treatment plan. We’ll walk you through the process, and make sure you understand everything so you’re able to make an educated decision about your new smile!

Call or tex us today (480)888-7711 and schedule a consultation for yourself or your child. You’ll soon learn we’re not just another orthodontic practice: At Robison Orthodontics, Smiles Are Our Passion!