How Do I Know if I Need Braces?

There comes a time as children age when they want to know if they need braces. Most parents start to wonder the same thing as their children get older. One of the best indicators is that their teeth have gaps and don’t look straight. Those living in Arizona looking for professional help generally turn toward Gilbert orthodontics.

With a free braces Gilbert, AZ consultation, parents can take their children in to see an orthodontist in Gilbert to see if orthodontic treatment is required or not. Gilbert orthodontics also recommends waiting until the children’s molars appear; however, there are situations in some children where there’s enough room for braces.

To learn more about Gilbert braces for children and the benefits of orthodontic treatment, keep reading this guide.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces help your children with the appearance of their smiles. They’re also known as invisible aligners. Braces Gilbert AZ, and team orthodontics can explore different options for crooked teeth and suggest the best braces and alignments for children, eliminating metal braces that tend it give kids a problem with self-esteem.

Here are some signs that you may need braces:

  • Uncomfortable Mouth: According to Gilbert orthodontics, whenever your mouth is feeling uncomfortable due to crowded teeth or hurts when chewing food, this is a good indicator that braces and alignments may be required.
  • Sharp Pains: Sharp pains in your mouth, especially along the gum lines and tissue of the cheeks can be a good sign that braces are needed. Any time that your teeth are causing sharp pains and discomfort, it’s a good time to call Gilbert orthodontics to get help and orthodontic treatment.
  • Abscesses and Sores: There is nothing more painful than an abscessed tooth or mouth sores caused by misaligned teeth irritating the skin in your mouth. Abscesses can create pain throughout your entire body and swell in the infected areas.
  • Irregular Loss of Baby TeethIrregular loss of baby teeth or early and late teeth can be an indicator for braces Gilbert, AZ. Adult teeth can also come in late or be delayed; therefore, the age depends on the person’s teeth and growth.

Other things that can create the need for an orthodontist in Gilbert include extra or missing teeth, an underbite or overbite, misplaced or blocked-out teeth, and the proportion of the jaw’s alignment to the teeth themselves.

Where to Get Braces Gilbert, AZ, and Orthodontic Treatment?

Here at Robinson Orthodontics, we provide the best orthodontic treatment for anyone who needs braces and alignments. Our professional orthodontics have years of experience combined with the best braces such as Invisalign and In-Ovation systems for all ages and dental needs specific to each individual.

Whether you need braces or professional orthodontic treatment, we have the best x-ray machines and procedures to quickly identify the problem and make the proper assessments for straighter and healthier teeth. To see if you need braces today, call us or fill out our contact form here.