Ceramic Braces: A Discreet and Comfortable Alternative

Ceramic Braces: A Discreet and Comfortable Alternative

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The benefits of a beautiful smile are clear, for both professional and personal reasons. For example, people who have straight teeth often feel more attractive and exude confidence to others. But, while many people seek orthodontic treatments to further their professional careers or to help them attract a romantic partner, the dental health benefits of straighter teeth are even more significant. Straightening your teeth can prevent gaps and overlaps, both of which can harbor plaque, cause cavities, and present bite issues.

Traditional metal braces offer an effective means of straightening teeth, but orthodontic innovations have produced a more discreet option for straightening teeth. Ceramic braces offer the same, effective, comfortable straightening without the shiny metal associated with traditional braces. Learn more about this orthodontic option offered by the team at Robison Orthodontics in Mesa, AZ.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are orthodontic appliances used to align and straighten teeth. They work similarly to traditional metal braces in that they make use of brackets, an archwire, and strong rubber bands. The main difference between the two is purely aesthetic. Ceramic braces are sometimes referred to as tooth-colored braces because they do not have the metal brackets associated with traditional metal braces. Instead, brackets are made of a ceramic material, which can be clear or color-matched to the exact shade of your teeth.

The brackets are bonded to the front surface of the teeth and connected with wires and elastic bands, which apply gentle pressure to move teeth into their ideal positions. People who want a less noticeable orthodontic treatment option often prefer the discreet qualities of ceramic braces.

What Are Ceramic Braces

Benefits of Ceramic Braces Over Metal Braces

Advances in orthodontic technology have created new orthodontic treatment options like Invisalign clear aligners for patients who want comfortable, discreet straightening. However, aligners are not an option for some individuals. Ceramic braces are yet another option available for those who need significant orthodontic work but don’t like the look of metal braces.

Patients who choose ceramic braces enjoy these important benefits:

  • Comfortable Treatment—Compared to metal braces, the ceramic material used in the brackets is smoother and less likely to irritate the gums and inner cheeks. Ceramic braces can also require fewer visits to the orthodontist for wire tightenings.
  • Discreet Appearance – When people complain about the look of braces, they are generally referring to the prominence of the metal brackets that are individually placed on teeth. Ceramic brackets can be matched to blend perfectly with the natural color of your teeth.
  • Enhanced Durability – Although ceramic material is less durable than metal, significant improvements have been made since the inception of ceramic braces. The material can last throughout the entire treatment.
  • Comprehensive Treatment – Ceramic braces are ideal for treating a wide range of alignment issues. Most people of all ages are great candidates for treatment using ceramic braces, and these braces can address certain tooth alignment issues in a shorter time span than clear aligners.
  • Customizable Colors – Many people don’t like the prominence of traditional braces and prefer braces in a color that closely matches the teeth. However, if you have a fun color in mind, we can customize your ceramic braces to match.
  • Reduced Interference with Imaging – Metal braces can interfere with certain imaging tests. Ceramic braces cause much less signal interference.

Potential Drawbacks to Ceramic Braces

Depending on the specifics of your ceramics braces treatment, there may be an extra cost involved. Customized ceramic brackets also require extra time to allow for color-matching, and that extra time can add to the overall treatment cost. Still, most of our patients find that the cosmetic benefits are well worth it.

It is important to remember that, like metal braces, ceramic braces need to be cleaned daily. In order to maintain the aesthetic benefits of this type of braces, patients should maintain good oral hygiene habits. Ceramic brackets are stain-resistant, but certain diets can discolor the material over time.

Your orthodontist will let you know how to maintain your ceramic braces in a way that is safe for your braces. Ceramic is durable, but it can crack or break if mishandled. If it does, notify our office quickly so we can replace the damaged bracket.

Am I A Candidate for Ceramic Braces?

The vast majority of people who come to Robison Orthodontics for ceramic braces placement are great candidates for this effective and discreet treatment option.

Ceramic braces are a great treatment option for people who have:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Dental crowding

Before your treatment begins at our Gilbert, AZ, orthodontic office, one of our orthodontists will determine whether you are a good candidate for ceramic braces. Ceramic and traditional metal braces are great options for people with complex tooth alignment issues.

In fact, our office offers multiple treatment options that offer unique benefits. Our Forsus appliance, for example, can treat overbite, and some patients may need to address certain jaw alignment issues before they can have braces placed. If dental crowding will interfere with the treatment, your orthodontist may recommend that the crowding issue be addressed first.

Wisdom teeth can cause crowding issues, which is why many dentists recommend extracting the third molars before they cause serious problems.

Ceramic braces are a great treatment option

Your orthodontist will also ensure that you are in good oral health before undergoing orthodontic treatment. This could mean that you need to have lingering tooth decay or gum disease issues treated beforehand. Minor issues can generally be addressed quickly so you can begin your ceramic braces treatment. We understand that our patients are excited to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Children, teens, and adults of all ages are generally good candidates for orthodontic treatment using ceramic braces. Still, anyone who plays sports (particularly contact sports) should consider how they will be able to do so safely while undergoing treatment using braces – clear aligners may be a better alternative. Your orthodontist can discuss the pros and cons of our available treatment options.

Ceramic Braces Placement and Removal Overview

The dental team of Robinson Orthodontics will handle every step of the orthodontic treatment process. Our process of placing and removing ceramic braces is similar to the process of placing and removing traditional metal braces.

Once your candidacy for ceramic braces has been established, your first visit will be for the placement of the discrete brackets unique to ceramic braces. First, your orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth. This is known as preparing or prepping your teeth. Preparing teeth ensures that the appliances maintain a secure bond throughout your treatment.

Once the teeth are prepared, your orthodontist will apply a special adhesive to them before placing a ceramic bracket on the front of each tooth. Once the bracket is placed, your orthodontist will use a special light to harden it into place quickly.

After all the ceramic brackets have been placed, an archwire will be threaded through the brackets and secured in place. The wire is used to pull teeth into better alignment. During the orthodontic treatment process, you will make periodic visits to our office, where your orthodontist will make adjustments and repairs as needed. These visits are important because they allow your orthodontist to ensure your progress sticks to the treatment timeline.

Once your teeth have reached their ideal position, your orthodontist will schedule a visit to remove your orthodontic appliances. Each bracket will be removed along with the archwire and any other appliances. A special tool will gently break down the adhesive, leaving your teeth completely clean. The final step involves cleaning and polishing your teeth. To maintain your new smile, you will likely need to use retainers.

Tips For Maintaining Your Ceramic Braces

As you experience orthodontic treatment using ceramic braces, you’ll want to take steps to protect your teeth and the ceramic braces. As with other braces, brushing after every meal is important for removing food particles that could turn into plaque and tartar. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and a quality toothpaste. Pay extra attention to cleaning around the brackets and along the gumline.

You won’t be able to floss using traditional string floss, but you can use a floss threader or a similar product to work around the ceramic braces. Using floss removes the buildup between teeth, so you do not develop tooth decay while using ceramic braces. If you can’t brush your teeth right away, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash to remove food particles and reduce the risk of staining.

floss threader

If possible, cut back on foods that can stain your braces or the area around your braces. These could include coffee, tea, red wine, and strongly colored foods like berries. Sticky foods like candy can also cause certain parts of your braces to come loose. Hard candies can break or damage your ceramic brackets.

If you play sports, wear a mouthguard. This will protect your teeth and your braces. Any impact to the face could harm the soft tissues of your mouth. Attending regular checkups with your orthodontist will help you make steady progress. Any minor issues with your braces can be addressed during those visits. Don’t put off minor repairs to your ceramic braces. Every appliance is required to be in top working condition in order for your braces to function correctly.

Certain habits, such as chewing on objects or ice, could harm your dental appliance, so be mindful about what you put in your mouth while undergoing orthodontic treatment. If the brackets or archwire irritate your gums or cheeks, let your orthodontist know. There are ways to mitigate discomfort during the treatment process.

Robison Orthodontics FAQs

During your consultation with one of our orthodontists, you can get detailed answers to your personal questions.

Until then, consider the answers to these frequently asked questions:

Can I Play Sports While Undergoing Ceramic Braces Treatment?

Can I Play Sports While Undergoing Ceramic Braces Treatment?

Yes, you can play any sports you like while using ceramic braces. Just be mindful that any impact to the face could result in damage to the braces or your teeth and gums. One way you can minimize the risk of injury is always to wear a mouthguard while playing those sports. Take extra precautions because any damage to your braces could require a trip to our office for repairs.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

Every treatment timeline will be unique. In general, ceramic braces treatments take 18 months to two years to move teeth into their ideal positions. The age of the patient and the complexity of the dental misalignments are two significant factors that can influence your timeline. By following the tips in this article and the advice of your orthodontist, you can improve your chances of remaining on your treatment timeline.

Do Ceramic Braces Treatment Hurt

Do Ceramic Braces Treatment Hurt?

Undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment may cause some mild, temporary discomfort. Still, it’s important to know that modern treatments are far more comfortable than the orthodontic appliances of decades ago. Your orthodontist will work with your comfort in mind. If you do experience momentary discomfort, it will likely be after a wire tightening.

What Are My Color Options?

What Are My Color Options?

One of the fun benefits of ceramic braces is the ability to customize your ceramic brackets to any color you want. Some people prefer to keep their appliances discreet. In those cases, your orthodontist can color-match the ceramic to the color of your teeth. In other cases, you may want to go with a fun color. We’re happy to accommodate whichever option you prefer.

Should I Go With Braces or Invisalign?

Should I Go With Braces or Invisalign?

Invisalign has gained popularity in recent years, and our office is proud to offer Invisalign clear aligner treatments. During your ceramic braces consultation, your orthodontist will go over your treatment options. More complex tooth-alignment issues may require the use of brackets and guidewires. These appliances give your orthodontist greater control over the treatment and the ability to adjust the treatment as needed once you begin.

Find Your Ideal Orthodontic Solution

Find Your Ideal Orthodontic Solution

Ceramic braces offer a comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. Due to their subtle appearance and ability to address various orthodontic issues, ceramic braces are a popular choice for adults, teens, and children alike.

At Robison Orthodontics, we believe in providing tailored treatments to meet our patients’ needs and preferences. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream smile. Consider discussing your preferences with your orthodontist to see if ceramic braces are right for you.

Contact Robison Orthodontics to schedule a consultation and start your journey toward the confident smile you’ve always wanted.